"Certified Fire Department Testing"
Systems & Equipment Tested Intervals
  Fire Warning Systems (Fire Alarms) Annual
  Complex Fire Warning Systems Annual
  Central Station Signaling Systems Annual
  Smoke Management Systems Annual
  Elevator Recall Systems Annual
  Emergency Generator and Lighting Systems (Exit Signs) Annual
  Fire Escape Assemblies Annual
  Fire Pumps Annual
  Preaction, Deluge and Dry Pipe Systems Annual
  Pressure Reducing Valves Annual
  Fire Doors for High-Rise Buildings Annual
  Fire Door Assemblies 5 year
  Class I Standpipes (Dry Standpipe) 5 year
  Class II Standpipes (Wet Standpipe, Hoses) 5 year
  Class III Standpipes 5 year
  Combined Sprinkler Standpipes 5 year
  Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems 5 year
  Smoke Detectors Semi-Annual
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