For all your fire protection needs, these are just some of the services
All Systems Fire Protection, Inc. performs:
  Service of fire extinguishers per Title 19 and Fire Department Codes
  Service of automatic extinguishing systems
  Service and cleaning of kitchen hood & duct exhaust systems
  Testing of fire protection systems and equipment per California         State Fire Marshal Title 19 code requirements
  Testing of fire protection systems and equipment per Los Angeles         City Fire Department Regulation 4 code requirements
  Installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems (Commercial &         Residential)
  Installation of suppression systems, wet chemical and FM200
  Installation of fire alarm systems
  Installation of fire extinguishers and cabinets
  Central Station monitoring of fire protection systems and equipment
  Tenant improvement relocation of sprinkler heads or alarm devices
We specialize in:
Commercial Buildings

Apartments, Condominiums, Townhouses

Industrial Complexes


Convalescent, Retirement, and Care Facilities


Municipal Buildings
Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Service contracts available
24 hour emergency service calls
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